St. Patricks Day Quest and the Razer Mouse Drop Events

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image:St. Patricks Day Quest + Razer Mouse Drop Event.png

Greetings FlyFFers,

We'll be hosting 2 scripted events over the next two weeks!

The first of these is a Saint Patrick's Day Quest Event!

You'll all notice a quaint but cool character next to the Cathedral in Saint Morning. This Leprechaun, yes he's a real leprechaun despite his tall stature, has got two exciting quests to offer!

His first quest, Padriag's Plea will have you searching for 20 image:Three-Leaf Clovers.png Three-Leaf Clovers. These clovers will be dropping off of any Masquerpet level 15 and above. Satisfy this Leprechaun's request and he'll be more than happy to reward you with a image:Saint Patrick's Day Box.png Saint Patrick's Day Box.

The best part about this particular quest is that it's repeatable!

Now the second quest that the Leprechaun offers is quite special. Titled Just my Luck!, this particular quest only requires that you bring the green fellow a single image:Four-Leaf Clover.png Four-Leaf Clover. Like the three-leaf clovers, these things will drop off of any regular masquerpet level 15 and above. Satisfy this particular request and the Leprechaun will reward you with a image:St. Patrick's Day Cloak.jpg St. Patrick's Day Cloak.

This never before released cloak provides it's wearer with a +15% bonus to speed, +5% critical rate and a 5% bonus to Decreased Magical Casting time.

The catch? Not only is this quest non-repeatable, but 4-Leaf-Clovers are extremely rare and will only be found by the luckiest of the lucky!

The second event that we're running is the Razer Mouse Drop Event. This event is quite similar to the FlyFF Hoodie event that was held several months back. Winners of the event will be rewarded with a really cool Razer Mouse to compliment your computer gaming addictions

You'll all start to notice little icons called image:Razer.png Razers dropping from regular masquerpets level 15 and above. After two weeks, we will tally up all players who have collected 10 or more of these Razers and they will be entered into a special lottery. Winners of the lottery will receive one of 40 Razer Mice that will be given out for this event!

Here are the rules of the event:

  1. Razer icons will be dropping from monsters level 15 and over.
  2. The event will run for 2 weeks and will end on March 25th, 2010.
  3. On the maintenance of March 25th, 2010, we will pull a list of all players who have 10 or more Razers in their inventory. This is IMPORTANT. Razers MUST BE IN YOUR INVENTORY before and during the maintenance of this day.
  4. We will then randomly select 5 winners per server to receive a real Razer Mouse.
  5. Players who have MORE than 10 Razers in their inventory will have a higher chance at being selected.
  6. Once winners are announced, and if you are one of them, please note that it will take us 6-8 weeks to ship the Razer Mouse to you. We will pay the shipping costs, but unfortunately we will be unable to cover, compensate or reimburse any custom fees that may arise.

Well, that's there is to it FlyFFers :3 Enjoy the new St. Patricks Day Quests, and good luck with the Razer Mice!

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